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I peaks at the small Vial of blue liquid in my hand a single atom of this liquid alone would cause her breasts to expand to sizes she never dreamt of, sizes she has never grown to. That single atom would cause a growth like no other filling 100000000^100000000000000000000 googplexs of existences in the first 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 microsecond and only increasing more and more.

“Right Got the liquid got the time alter device!”

I hold the vial to my lips about to neck it then.... I suddenly smash it to the ground. “This will not do at all!” I quickly run into my room a small small device hang on my table side the size of a small smart phone with a silverchain attached to it. I quickly attach it around my neck a faint blue glow coming from the device. “Now this is better” I will tube slips from the device and I gentaly take it into my mouth. “mmmm now this is better” the small device is a limitless supply of the strange growth liquid the flow having untold power. I quickly turn on the device as it starts to pump the liquid into my mouth instant being absorbed into my system. MY mind races as I hit two settings one on the liquid device and one on my time alter device. The liquids settings to its second lowest pump setting which is an amount of the liquid equal to 500000000000000000000000000000000000^9000000000000000000000000000000000000 exinstances worth of liquid every second. I grin wickedly as the time alter device surround me in a bubble of time energy. for every second of time passed of sucking apon the liquid it would make
that one second me like 13.82 billion years. the effects of the time later is merely the action of drinking and absorbing the liquid so there is no worries of turning to dust with ageing.

“mmmmmmmm so good” hours of real time went by stuck in bliss I suck apon the liquid, it has not tirggered as of yet merely storing up for the growth at hand. Days go by the months in real time sucking more and more countless gallons of the growth liquid going into my body. A whole year passes as I turn off the time alter device but I keep on sucking on the liquid “hmmmmmm now is time” A single finger is placed apon my 34D breasts, It begins....

((From the opening and closing of this star * the time frame is 1 whole second and all speech is within my mind ^^))

*I scream out in delight as my top is turned to shreds my breasts ballooning up slamming to the floor and rushing across it to the walls surrounding me, a torrent of breasts flesh slamming into the walls and raiseing me up into the air,the room creaks now wait thats the whole house that is creaking as more and more tons of flesh fill up the building to the point of bursts, the building shudders and cracks from the mass of tit building within it and BOOOOM it shatters to dusts as my breasts flow outwards in all directions slamming into other houses on the street, twice the sizes of my house then twenty times then 600 times , higher and higher bigger and bigger my breasts become the wobbling mountains craving to become so much more.

Bigger, bigger, bigger my bust bloats outwards eploding across 100's of miles of land...
Not very good - RP Breast expansion Tinylouise
Not really posted much but I thought I would share with you guys since you make such amazing art. I'm no writer merely enjoy RPing. Lots of mistakes but this is a long term RP im starting with a friend. This is only a little opening so hope to share more with you guys if you want. Thank you <3


I go bigger then any one else!
United Kingdom
Current Residence: UK
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Nothing fits me ^^
Favourite genre of music: All sorts really
Favourite style of art: Mixture
Personal Quote: The multiverse bah not even begun to grow
Hi all this will be sort but I want to say hello to every one. I finally decied to join up to find more like minded people on here. My obession is well growth mostly in the breast region, im a total addict lets just say size wise there is no limit and I love to RP growing for others and well them grow for me or even contests or so forth, I do like a few other forms of growth as well GTS and willing to try others but B.E is my addiction. I got a friend on her mariangts so i really hope to make a few more friends. I will write more soon just wanted to get a basic thing up for people :) <3
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